Keynote Speakers

Dr. Arun Majumdar

Jay Precourt Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Photon Science and by courtesy, of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

Dennis Woodside

President of Impossible Foods


Dr. Zhengxia Dou

Professor, Agricultural Systems, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Studies, New Bolton Center

Dr. David T Galligan

Professor of Animal Health Economics, University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. James R Hagan

Graduate Student Advisor in the Sustainability and Environmental Policy concentrations, Former Vice President of Sustainability & Environment at GlaxoSmithKline

Dr. Peter Psarras

Research Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Dr. Arthur van Benthem

Associate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy

E. Mitchell Swann

Managing Director at Resolution Management Consultants, Philadelphia Energy Authority Board

Alex Behar

Vice President at Cultivian Sandbox

Shuo Yang

Principal at Fifty Years

Ally Warson

Senior Associate at UP Partners

Kimberly Zou

Founder of Climate Tech VC and Analyst at Energy Impact Partners

Ry Storey-Fisher

Senior Partnership Associate at Powerhouse

Franz Hochstrasser

CEO and Co-founder of Raise Green and New Haven Community Solar, Former Senior Advisor to the Special Envoy for Climate Change @ the US State Dept


Caitlyn McCloskey

Executive member of the Penn Environmental Group

Akaash Padmanabha

Chair of Penn Dining Advisory Board

Ben May

Founder of ThinkOcean, Former Co-Chair of SSAP, Former UA Director of Sustainability and Community Impact

Event Co-sponsors

Penn Environmental Group

Penn's oldest and largest environmental group, addressing environmental issues and increasing environmental awareness both at a community and global level

Student Sustainability Association at Penn (SSAP)

the official umbrella group of environmental sustainability student groups on Penn's campus

Penn Undergraduate Capital Partners

Student-led organization that is changing the way venture capital interacts with universities in Philadelphia and beyond.

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Angela Sun - Events Coordinator
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Nicole Chau - Design

PCV Advisors

Clara Lyle - Weitzman School of Design, MA Environmental Planning
Helen Wiley - Wharton Risk Center
Ben Thomas - Wharton Risk Center

Spark Teen Team

Kyler Wang
Kai Fine
Angel More 
Andrew Gao
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Aiko Ma
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